Welcome to the Atlantic Dairy Industry Central Event Calendar!! Here you will find information on upcoming events happening in the Atlantic dairy industry. Industry organizations identified a need to develop this calendar to effectively eliminate scheduling conflicts, when possible!  We hope you find it useful! Keep an eye out for upcoming exciting improvements to this calendar!

If you have events to add, email Jeff Gunn at jgunn@valacta.com, Fred Vanderkloet at fsvanderkloet@gov.pe.ca or Brian MacDonald at brian.macdonald@gnb.ca!!

In the news...
We are now half-way through October - can you believe it? There is lots going on in this fantastic industry of ours in the upcoming months! Check out the calendar below! 
Event Calendar
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  Corn and Soybean Plot Day
  Atlantic Dairy Championship
  Shadowave Pop Up Sale II
  Milkmaker Fall Harvest Sale
  DFNB Fall Meeting
  DFNB Fall Meeting
  DFNB Fall Meeting
  DFNB Fall Meeting
  DFPEI Board Meeting
  DFNB Fall Meeting
  DFNB Fall Meeting

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