MR. RÉAL GAUTHIER, Producer from Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines in The Laurentians, representing the DFQ, MR. YVON BOUCHER, Producer from Saint-Césaire, Montérégie, representing the Dairy Farmers of Quebec (DFQ), MR. FRÉDÉRICK ALARY, Producer from Sainte-Sophie in The Laurentians, representing the Groupes conseils agricoles du Québec (Management Clubs), MR. DANIEL LEFEBVRE, Ph.D., Agr., General Manager and Director of R&D , Valacta, MRS. BARBARA PAQUET, Vice-President, Producer from Saint-Come-Linière, Beauce, representing the CIAQ (Inseminators), MR. DORIS PELLERIN, Agr., Professor and Director, Dept. Of Animal Science, FSAA, Laval University, MR. MATTHEW BROSENS, Producer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, new representative for the Atlantic Provinces, MR. PIERRE LAMPRON, President of Valacta, Producer from Saint-Boniface, Mauricie, DFQ Administrator, MRS. ANNIK PERRON, Secretary to the Board and Director of Communications, Valacta, MR. GILLES FECTEAU, DVM, representing the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Montreal, MRS. HÉLÈNE BERGERON, D.M.V., Assistant direction for the milk and poultry sectors, representing the MAPAQ, MR. HUMBERTO MONARDES, Ph.D., Associate Professor, McGill University. 

Not appearing in the photo: 
MR. RICHARD BOUCHARD, Producer from Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix, representing the DFQ, MR. ROGER CUE, Ph.D., Associate Professor, McGill University, MRS. STÉPHANIE ROY, Agr., Analyst for sectors under supply management at the MAPAQ, observer to the Board, MR. PHILIPPE MARCOUX, Producer from Sainte-Marguerite, Beauce, appointed by CQRL (Dairy Breeds), MR. ERNEST DESROSIERS, Administrator appointed by the Valacta Board of Directors, Vice President of Financing, FADQ, MR. DENIS CYR, Producer from New Brunswick, observer to the Board for the Atlantic provinces, MRS. LINE DUBOIS, CPA-CA, Future Treasurer of the Board and New Director of Finance and Administration, Valacta.