Valacta Overview

Valacta, Dairy Production Centre of Expertise in Quebec and the Atlantic regions, improves the profitability and the sustainability of dairy farms by sensitizing producers to the multiple aspects of techno-economic performance of their herd and its’ management.

Mission, Vision, Values

Valacta contributes to the sustainable development and prosperity of the dairy sector through knowledge transfer and its analytical and information management services.

Board of Directors

Since 2006, when PATLQ became Valacta, five organizations support three shareholders in establishing the major orientations of the Centre of Expertise.

Management, Organization Flowchart

Management team and organization flowchart.


Valacta is dedicated to creating a friendly and stimulating work environment for all. With this in mind, Valacta makes concrete and clear commitments towards its employees.


The evolution of PATLQ brought about the creation of Valacta.


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