​Valacta, the dairy production centre of expertise for Quebec and the Atlantic improves the profitability and the sustainability of dairy farms by sensitizing producers to the multiple aspects of techno-economic performance of their herd and its’ management. This positive effect has been dubbed the Valacta Effect. Valacta is an international centre that shares it’s expertise with several countries worldwide.

Our five key fields of intervention are:

  • The development of knowledge and transfer of technology to farms as well as the dairy sector;
  • On farm advisory services;
  • Data collection, sample collection and genetic certification;
  • Laboratory Analysis: analysis of milk components, payment samples, reference analysis and feed analysis;
  • Treatment of dairy production data using information technology and data transfer to designated partners.

Valacta is an organization made up of close to 300 employees across Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. In Quebec, according to the most recent edition of Les Affaires (October 2017), Valacta ranks once again among the 300 most important small and medium size businesses. This ranking lists companies which are owned predominantly by Quebec shareholders and employ a maximum of 300 employees. The companies are ranked based on the size of their full time employee workforce. 


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Corporate Recognitions and Awards!​


  • Employer of the year award at the 2017 Mercuriades Gala

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  • Silver - Healthy Workplace 2016
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  • Bronze at the « Prix du Canada pour l’Excellence » in 2013
  • Honorable Mention at the « Gala des Grands Prix québécois de la qualité » in 2012