As leaders in the dairy production industry, Valacta relies heavily on the support of its employees. To support this priority, Valacta assures the creation of a work environment where each employee feels:

Stimulated1. Stimulated

Our mandate as a center of expertise, positions us in the forefront of the dairy production industry. Therefore, Valacta creates various new projects and new ideas. We offer a multitude of challenges for those seeking to take on new roles or new responsibilities within the organisation.

Well Surrounded2. Well Surrounded

Our team is dynamic and friendly, work colleagues are helpful and generous. Different activities are organised to allow friendly affiliations to develop. Pot-lucks, parties, BBQs and social gatherings are opportunities to have fun at work.

Heard Attentively3. Heard Attentively

Management is attentive and accessible, encouraging employee participation. Through surveys, workshops and group discussions, employees are regularly invited to participate and give their opinion on the different issues affecting them.

Competent4. Competent

Thanks to our Ascension program, the development of competencies through training and coaching is deployed in a practical and concrete manner. For positions in regions, our recruits follow an intensive training, both in the classroom and at the farm. Subsequently, they receive 6 to 10 days of training per year and frequent personalised support.

Appreciated5. Appreciated

The wellbeing and mobilisation of our employees is a priority for us. We regularly take advantage of various occasions to underline the contribution of all the members of our team who participate in our success. Valacta gives itself the duty of acknowledging the success, effort and loyalty of its employees by offering different recognition programs.

Useful6. Useful

Each employee plays an important role in the realisation of our mission to improve the technical and economic efficiency of dairy farms. Valacta takes to heart the advancement of the agricultural production of Quebec and Atlantic provinces. In order to ensure the vibrancy of the regions, Valacta subscribes to the slogan ‘No food without agriculture’.

Supported7. Supported

At the disposal of our employees are people that are competent and recognized as experts in their field. Expert in nutrition and herd management, expert in comfort and well-being, veterinarian, economist and strategic advisor, these are but a few of the functions occupied by seasoned industry leaders. Moreover, nine out of ten employees at Valacta say that they receive the support necessary to accomplish their work successfully.

Equipped8. Equipped

As is expected from a center of expertise, we invest in advanced laboratory equipment in order to provide the dairy industry with data that is precise and reliable. Thanks to instruments of the highest calibre and our qualified and capable employees, the Valacta laboratory ranks itself amongst the most precise throughout North American dairy laboratories. Valacta also invests in computer equipment, in the development of software and in other high performance technology tools.

Proud and Satisfied9. Proud and Satisfied

In an effort to listen to our employees and to ensure that their employment at Valacta lives up to their high expectations, we conduct an annual survey on their work satisfaction. Each year, more than 99% of our employees state that they are proud to work at Valacta. In addition, over 98% of our employees declare that they are satisfied with their employment at Valacta. It is of utmost importance to our management team that we maintain this level of work satisfaction at Valacta.

Treated With Respect and Equity10. Treated With Respect and Equity

Management ensures that it maintains a culture where respect, equity and honesty prevail. Salaries and benefits are fair and competitive. We are committed to implementing different policies which benefit the wellbeing of our employees.