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Working at Valacta


Valacta is dedicated to creating a work environment that is healthy and stimulating for all. With this goal in mind, Valacta has established clear and concrete commitments towards its employees:


Commitment 1: Development 

Tools and resources are at the employees’ disposal in order to allow them to develop their competencies. Valacta also offers challenges and development opportunities for professional advancement. 

Commitment 2: Synergy 

Valacta favours teamwork and sharing amongst colleagues in order to improve the services offered to clients, and create a stimulating work environment. The employees at Valacta are invited to participate, contribute and share. Their freedom of expression and creative capacity are valued. 

Commitment 3: Recognition 

Since we spend half of our lives at work, we believe that it is important to find our work enjoyable. Our social activities promote the creation of friendly affiliations. We recognize our employee’s contributions and dedication at our various celebratory occasions.

 Commitment 4: Health 

Valacta understands the importance of its employees mental and physical health so it invests both time and resources to continually improve and maintain the health of its employees .


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