Valacta has a team of organic dairy advisors that offers a unique expertise in Canada. This expertise, offered in collaboration with organic dairy production clubs, is available in the majority of agricultural regions in Quebec.  Our organic advisors will support you in attaining your objectives by using a preventive approach in herd management. This approach respects the four principles of organic agriculture, set by the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM): 
  • The principle of health
  • The principle of ecology
  • The principle of fairness
  • The principle of care

This approach used in combination with all available tools for Valacta's Advisory-Service clients is your company's a guarantee of success. The service is offered to certified farms as well as farms in transition. The rate of adherence of Quebec organic farms to milk recording is 93% and 81% to Valacta's Advisory Services. Numbers that tell all in terms of client appreciation. To learn more, contact Francois Labelle, agr. Expert in Organic Dairy Production and responsible for Valacta's Advisory Service Organic team.

Valacta's Organic Dairy Production Team

 From left to right: François Labelle, Marie-Élaine Smith, Camille Ross, Gratien Tremblay, Ghislain Belley, Valérie Meunier et Serge Fortin.

Not Pictured: Mélodie Beaulieu