Several Valacta advisors have developed an expertise in the area of robot and automated milking systems.

This leading edge technology is becoming more and more popular. The use of automated equipment can provide a more uniform quality of milking due to improved working conditions in the barn, and (in the case of robots) the producers, their families, and their employees are freed from the constraint of spending two to three hours in the barn every morning and evening.

Robot milking requires a free stall setup, which isn’t always possible when using existing facilities. Being required to build new, however, provides the opportunity to optimize your facilities, solve some problems and improve on comfort while at the same time respecting the standards, both environmental and otherwise.

Free stall housing allows the animals to circulate freely and, in some cases, even have access to a rest area or exterior feeding. On the other hand, free stall housing can increase the risk of competition at the manger so it is important to provide at least the minimum required access for the number of animals presently in the herd and to consider what might be expected in the future.

The cost of installing robot facilities is substantial; not only must a producer plan for their needs but also evaluate their investments before embarking on such a sizeable transformation.

Your specialized Valacta advisor (one per region) can help you to plan the progression toward installing an automated milking system, and once that is accomplished, to facilitate the adaptation of the herd and the daily management so you can better profit from your new facilities.

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