Feed is a dairy farm’s largest expenditure. It is also the key to productivity, and therefore profit. That’s why margin over feed cost (milk revenue minus feed cost) is an indispensable index to help guide your decision making.
Your Valacta advisor has several exclusive tools that can help you to formulate a ration adapted to every cow in your herd, at the best possible price.
The abundance and quality of forage available varies over the course of the year, and a cow’s feed requirements vary with age, parity and stage of lactation. Feed management therefore also requires continual adjustments in order to optimize performance.
Using the laboratory analyses that accompany each milk recording test, and the potential found in the Vision2000 reports, throughout the year your Valacta advisor can help you to correct shortcomings, and to maintain or improve on your milk production... and your profits.


Customer Testimonials


"In just a few months, my milk revenue went up by $4 per hectolitre"
"Valacta Effect: $45,000 in savings with a feeding strategy that aims to maximize forage milk."