Improving herd management is and will always be an ongoing process. Whether it is to solve a specific problem, improve on a target element, or fine tune global performance; your Valacta advisor can help you to improve on both your results and your revenue.

There are several exclusive and highly informative tools available at Valacta:

The Vision2000 reports analyze your results (milk testing, forage analysis, measurements taken on the farm by either you or your Valacta technician) and present them in a clear and concise manner, using the comparative statistics of your choice (regional averages, Quebec or across Canada). You will especially appreciate:

  • The profitability reports  (Herd Summary and Profit per Day of Life)
  • The Transition Cow Index to put a value on each individual cow’s success rate during the dry period and at the beginning of lactation
  • The Management Card, to establish your annual objectives for each of the major management parameters..

Advanced, leading-edge laboratory analyses, most of which are performed on your milk recording samples:

  • MUN to measure dietary protein use and so that each cow gets exactly what she needs
  • KETOLAB to detect sub-clinical ketosis and save up to several thousands of dollars a year with only a few dollars’ worth of testing
  • Detection of Johne’s Disease (and soon leukosis) using the ELISA method. Only when requested by your veterinarian
  • Infrared Forage analysis: results in 24 hours for quick ration adjustments.