Large herds (100 cows or more in Quebec ) have particular needs that can sometimes require specially adapted advisory services. Valacta now has several advisors who are trained to help manage the problems that confront large herds.

"Large doesn’t always mean more"

A study by the FGCAQ1 in 2009-2010 showed that, contrary to what we might think, large herds do not seem to achieve economies to scale when it comes to fixed cost per cow. During the same study, Valacta experts also observed that there were also no economies to scale on cost of volume such as forage and concentrates. Intuitively, we would expect that a 200 cow farm pays less per ton than a 60 cow farm but apparently, this is (still) not the case. The explanation is simply that the benefits or savings to be had requires very thorough management. Larger volumes without the strictest of surveillance could mean more waste instead of more profit.

Your Valacta advisor can help you to improve your management practices, in order to help you to obtain those elusive economies to scale, and improve your profits.

1 Ginette Moreau, Agronome, Fédération des groupes conseils agricoles du Québec