Improve on the management of the most critical period in the life cycle of your cows.

In dairy cows, the days just before and after calving are often beset by a loss in appetite and rapid weight loss. It is estimated that one third of health problems arise between drying off and the beginning of the next lactation.

Your Valacta advisor can provide complete and rigorous monitoring of this critical period which can be so stressful and costly. In collaboration with your veterinarian, your advisor can help to keep your cows healthy, minimize problems and maximize the production yet to come.

Thanks to the Transition Cow Index, a management tool for which Valacta has an exclusive license in Quebec, you can have access to a gateway to success in the transition period.  This statistical portrait, tells you right from the first lactation test, which cows are doing well, which need a little help, and which has fallen behind and may need to be culled.

Explore the possibility of using the short dry period (35 days) instead of a conventional dry period for cows whose production is still high at the end of lactation. The short dry period is a good way to maximize your revenue without negative effects... if you know how to go about it properly.