For several years now, Valacta has offered specialized advisory services to dairy goat producers in Quebec to better meet their needs. Our R&D team also relies on the expertise of a provincial advisor in dairy goat production.

Milk recording: profitable for goats too!

Dairy goat producers are increasingly aware of the importance that milk recording holds as a management tool. Their results are proof that they are on the right track: while the average milk yield in Quebec is 520 liters per goat per year, practically the same as in the year 2000, the goats on milk recording went from 617 liters to 715 liters per year in 2010, an increase of around 16%. As for the number of producers enrolled in the service, the increase has also been remarkable. In 2000, around 1,650 goats from 18 farms regularly participated in milk recording. In 2010, the number has grown to almost 5,000 goats from 29 herds.

The producers that use milk recording have an annual milk production that is about 38% higher than other herds. Just another example of how milk recording, when used wisely, is an unbeatable tool for improving milk production and increasing revenue.

Production in Progress

Between 2000 and 2009, goat production In Quebec has expanded tremendously. The total volume of milk produced has gone from 4.5 to 9.9 million liters in 2009, and the number of dairy goats has increased from 8,600 to over 19,0001. This progression has essentially been due to the increase in the volume of goat cheese consumed by Quebecers.

1 Source : Quebec Statistics Institute