Bovine leukosis is one of the three diseases targeted by the Animal Health Action Plan of the Producteurs de lait du Québec (PLQ). This disease, which has a high prevalence in our herds, causes a decrease in production, affects the animals' immune system and reduces the longevity of the animals. Its economic impact on a herd is therefore not to be overlooked.

Services offered by Valacta for the screening of leucosis in your herd
1. Bulk Tank Testing
Low-cost option for estimating the prevalence of leukemia in a herd
Based on samples taken as part of the quality program of the Producteurs de lait du Québec
2. Individual Cow Testing
You can choose to test a cow on a milk recording sample or on a milk sample taken directly from the quarter.
I am not registered on milk recording. Can I still test my herd or cows for leukosis at the Valacta laboratory?
Certainly! The various testing options are available at our laboratory for all dairy producers in Quebec.  Take the time to discuss this issue with your veterinarian who will suggest an approach that is appropriate for your herd and will show you how to proceed.
I have a milking robot. Can I test cows for leukosis?
Of course!  However, you will have to take all samples manually (directly from the quarter) since the impact of residual milk (or "carry-over") is significant in robotic milking.