Lac-T is a modern and user-friendly software package designed by LactoLogic, a partnership between Valacta, SIGA Farm Software and DSAHR. This software replaces the Agri-Lacta, SIGALAIT and DSAHR laitier software. Clients who already have one of these software programs will receive Lac-T as an update.

Avantages of Lac-T

Lac-T makes it easier to manage quality standards for livestock traceability, herdbook registrations and the Canadian Quality Milk program.
Lac-T consists of a single on-farm database linked to all of the main industry partners with whom you may do business, including veterinarians and the Valacta team.
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Examples of Vision2000 Reports

With Vision2000 reports, all the available data about a dairy herd, as well as each individual cow, can now be analyzed and compared every month with benchmarks computed from comparative data in your area, in the province or in the entire country. You can even ask for optional information to be included every month, so that you have tailor-made reports to help you improve your herd management! 

And all this is now available on the Web, about 48 hours after test day, and/or through regular mail a few days later.



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