Valacta’s advisory role rests on two pillars: the laboratory for milk analysis and access to a powerful central computer. Our dairy production advisors and technicians arrive at the farm, equipped with a portable computer, ready to enter, transmit and receive data. In as little as 48 hours following the milk recording visit on the farm, the main reports are accessible to the producer and their authorized partners by internet. See examples of Vision2000 reports.

A Canadian Partnership Profitable to Us All

The two Canadian dairy herd improvement agencies (CanWest and Valacta) got together within ATLC/CDHI (Amélioration des troupeaux laitiers canadiens / Canadian Dairy Herd Improvement) in order to optimize IT operations and make them more uniform. Valacta is the central site for the storage, development and treatment of dairy data for all of Canada. All Canadian dairy producers and industry partners benefit from the following advantages:
  • Unique data bank (close to 700,000 cows and 10,000 herds)
    • Rapid and central treatment of dairy data for all of Canada
    • 6 labs and more than 325 technicians who send data to us daily
    • Large pool of standardized information
    • Numerous comparative statistics (local, provincial, national)
    • Best management of IT costs
  • VISION2000: standardized calculation software which is powerful and user-friendly
  • Vast range of added value reports 
  • Rapid return of reports by internet / Information also available to partners in a versatile electronic format
  • Electronic animal registration and permanent identification– rapid and reliable

This system permits all data related to the life of an animal to be saved, and then revealing and profitable statistics to be drawn from this information: dairy production, milk quality, genealogy, growth, ease of fertilization and calving, milking temperament, incidence of disease, etc. All of this information, collected by Valacta, is relayed to our partners in the dairy industry. The Canadian Dairy Network certifies every cow’s production, the breed associations establish genealogy, and the artificial insemination centres such as CIAQ select the best sires, in such a way that each generation of cows is more productive than the last.

Valacta's Information Technology team

Back row (from left to right): Pascal Tougas, Mark Côté, Chris David, Craig Domanski, Ubirajara Moraes.
Centre row: Todd Fitzgerald, George Clyde, Yves Marchand, Lyne Bélanger, Yvan Lizotte, Line Turcotte, Nina Mitchell, Diane Bourgon, Xavier Fognini.
Front row (from left to right): Cara Persram, Karina Dupéré, Sophie Gagnon, Estelle Lavigne, Manon Cadieux, Muriel O'Reilly, Cheri Westman.    
Not photographed: Diane Follette