Valacta’s strategic advisors can provide expertise beyond that of your regular advisor; more specialized qualifications, for an in depth analysis of your situation to help find the best possible solution. Our strategic advisors provide their services on three different levels:

  • Personalized, on-farm strategic advice
  • Strategic advice workshops
  • Group practical training sessions

Personalized On-farm Strategic Advice

Made to measure intervention, right on the farm, to help you to prevent or resolve a major, complicated problem, to evaluate a substantial change, or to help set the framework for a development project (technical matters, work organization, human resources, management, etc.).

Available by request, the strategic advisor will formulate a diagnosis and provide their recommendations with regards to a specific business decision, or provide you with a global, up to date, report on the potential improvements to be made in managing your herd and farm. 

The strategic advisor will work in close collaboration with your regular advisor, who is aware of your objectives and will know how to ensure a profitable follow-up. Valacta’s strategic advisors will also work in collaboration with the other industry partners on your farm, such as the veterinarian, the business management advisor, feed provider, etc. This team approach among specialists of diverse fields of intervention results in a global analysis which facilitates decision making.

Strategic Advice Workshops

In sessions that last one half day, a small group of participants get together to discuss a specific problem to be solved, or a common need or objective. Our workshops are based on the idea of producers sharing of experiences under the supervision of an expert, in order to arrive at practical recommendations. Take a look at our available workshops.

Group Practical Training Sessions

One or two day sessions, in groups of 15 to 25 clients, on a precise subject, focused on results. Since they began in 2001, our training sessions have become very popular. Every year, throughout Quebec, between 1,200 and 1,500 clients take advantage of a Valacta training session. See Group Practical Training Sessions.