Improve Herd Performance and Profitability

The advisory services at Valacta provide cutting-edge expertise, based on a dairy producer’s objectives so that they have the information that they need to make the best possible business decisions.

Our well trained advisors can guide you toward reaching your objectives:

Take advantage of the support that your Valacta advisor can provide either on call as needed, or on a monthly basis to benefit from continuous monitoring. Our advisory service is impartial, and entirely dedicated to the productivity and profitability of your herd.
One example of many: with the help of their advisor Ferme Tradition from Beauceville achieved a gain of $20,000 in one year.
Valued-Advice, is a four step performance improvement process, leading to concrete and verifiable results:


  • Complete analysis of your business needs.
  • Diagnostics: where can improvements be made and what would you gain from them.
  • Action Plan: together with you, your advisor will establish precise objectives and the best action plan to enable you to reach them
  • Monitoring: you will be regularly informed of the evolution of your herd’s performance. Adjustments will be made as necessary until we achieve success.

Finally, for more pointed expertise, call on Valacta’s Strategic Advisors to look after your challenges with global profitability, growth, technology, and more.