Close to 2000 producers benefit from our advisory services.Valeur conseil Improve your herd’s performance and profitability.
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80% of producers in Quebec use Technical Solution to help simplify herd managementValeur conseil

  • Sampling, entry and transfer of data
  • ​Registration and permanent identification
  • Taking measurements or forage samples
  • Certification for genetic improvement (supervision)

The Valacta laboratory is one of the largest laboratories in North America.

  • Analyses for herd management
  • Feed analysis
  • Water analysis
  • Reference/calibration laboratory

Our technicians are trained to intervene for milk quality and on the CQM program.

  • Somatic cells and bacteria
  • Validation of milking systems and methods
  • CQM program
  • Lac-T, Software for Decision Makers Complete on farm herd management software
  • Management tools and reports
  • Transition Cow Index
  • Ketolab
  • Reports

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  • Unique data bank (close to 700,000 cows and 10,000 herds)
  • VISION2000: standardized calculation software which is powerful and user-friendly
  • Vast range of added value reports
  • Electronic animal registration and permanent identification– rapid and reliable