In 2006, Valacta, in partnership with the Producteurs de lait du Québec, set up a network of milk quality advisors. The purpose of this network is to help dairy producers quickly solve problems relating to bacteria and high somatic cell counts, with the aim of improving cow health, milk quality and farm income.

Your milk quality advisors: 

From left to right:
Normand Séguin, Glad’ys Aubé, Dany Quirion, Gilles Laramée, Anik Morin, Réjeanne Dallaire, Yvan Marcoux, Stéphane Ouellet, Émilie Therrien, Luc Charest, Marcel Thiboutot.

A synergy of expertise

  • A team of specialized advisors;
  • Diagnostic services, recommendations and effective solutions to periodic problems involving bacteria and somatic cells;
  • Verification of Milking Equipment and Methods, a service provided by senior technicians equipped with cutting-edge technology, including on-farm wash water analysis;
  • Support in prevention, education and information, particularly for the Canadian Quality Milk program, an initiative of the Dairy Farmers of Canada, with a view to the implementation of stringent on-farm management standards and control procedures by the year 2012 (based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) management).


Explanatory text:

Un partenariat PLQ-Valacta pour aider les producteurs (PDF file in French only), by Stéphane Fournier, Quality Control Agent, Milk Management, PLQ (excerpt taken from: Évolution de la production laitière québécoise 2006, page 51)

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