Your Valacta technician is a special collaborator who will work alongside of you to observe your animals in their environment, take note of preliminary findings and refer you to the proper resources to help you to reach your objectives.

Our team of technicians works in close collaboration with all of the other Valacta professionals and, where necessary, the other industry partners with whom you do business.

Discover the wide variety of services offered by Valacta:

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Our wide range of technical services can make life easier for dairy producers

Simplify herd management by allowing your Valacta technician to:

  • Enter the production and management data used to manage your herd;
  • Enter your health and functional trait data for genetic evaluation;
  • Complete your animal registrations electronically;
  • Permanent identification for livestock traceability;
  • Edit and revise the SOP`s and CAP`s for the Canadian Quality Milk program;
  • Take measurements such as heifer body condition, weight and height;
  • Take samples for forage analysis;
  • Milking supervision and assistance;
  • Transfer the data from your automated milking system using the Trans-D software;
  • Print and provide initial interpretation of the Valacta reports;
With the help of your technician, you can also contribute to genetic evaluation and help producers to become more competitive in genetics both in Quebec and Canada.
Ask your technician for more information about how you can benefit from using our Technical Solution services.