In this workshop you will learn more about the benefits, drawbacks and precautionary measures that should be taken into account when using large amounts of corn silage in your rations.

Workshop Summary

  • Introduction
  • All corn silages are not equal; 
    • Nutritive value
    • Preservation
    • Chopping and rumination potential
  • 25 kg corn silage rations and their impact on:
    • The types and quantities of concentrates used
    • Concentrate costs
    • Production
    • Milk composition
    • Body condition
    • Health
  • Corn silage for dry cows and replacement animals
  • Impact on field work
  • Impact on storage requirements
  • Impact on harvest
  • Sample evaluations

Workshop Format

On-farm workshop for 8-12 participants

Necessary Materials

A sample of your corn silage for evaluation.
Your sense of humor!

Time: 2-3 hours
Cost: to be determined
50% discount for a second participant from the same farm

This training course is offered on demand. Contact your Valacta advisor or technician or call 1-800-266-5248.