Our training season can get very busy, but our courses are generally offered all year long, both for dairy producers as well as any groups that request them.


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 Your feeding strategy has a direct impact on your cows’ milk production, their health and ultimately your income. It is therefore imperative that every dollar spent on feed can bring in significant returns. How do we make the right choices based on our feeding strategy to optimize production, herd health and margin per cow? Our brand new training course entitled When the rumen works, everything works! can provide you with valuable solutions! Learn more about the training plan






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The Optimize with what I've got workshop will allow you to share ideas with your peers and discover realistic solutions tested by other dairy farmers who, like you, also want to optimize their production and practices.

This training session will allow you to explore practical ideas for profitably improving cow comfort in your barn. The training plan includes the following steps: the cow, comfort, housing, the project and the profitability of comfort. As with any story where " you are the hero," this training session will lead you through the process of making the best choices and decisions according to your  own objectives. In this training session, participants will decide which aspects of production will be discussed from among 3 key topics: improving production, optimizing feed margin and labour efficiency. Learn more...<

Heifers are the future of a dairy farm. They represent all of the herd's genetic potential, milk production and the financial success of the years to come. In order to maximize the performance of these future cows, they need to be closely monitored in their first hours of life and even before they are born!
What to do Before Two focuses on all of the livestock management practices that could have an impact on both a heifer's and a producer's quality of life.
The ultimate goal: to raise healthy heifers for a first calving at the age of 2 and to have an optimal and sustainable dairy production.
Silage production is made up of all the activities from mowing to the silo or bringing wrapped large bails to their storage site. It involves a variety of tasks, people and equipment; always working to get the best possible production.
Our experts will reveal the secrets of how to efficiently produce quality forage.
Some training courses are offered on demand. Contact your Valacta advisor or technician or call 1-800-266-5248.

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