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Observe your cows, it’s rewarding!

Grass silage: Aim quality

When we see the same things every day, we sometimes end up not really seeing it anymore. Yet, so many clues are always visible in the barn. Indeed, your
cows are talking to you! Come and learn how to decipher your cows’ language and see things under a new light, housing nutrition, milking and much more!
​Grass is ready to make silage when it contains 35% to 45% dry matter. It is possible to reach these rates only a few hours after the cut: all you need is to take advantage of what nature offers. How? That is one of the secrets we will reveal during our workshop. Bring your silage sample and discuss production management and silage technique to maximize dairy production with our experts .

Corn silage in dairy cow nutrition

Corn silage: Is there a limit?

Is corn silage easy to produce? Not sure?
Review the golden rules for a well preserved corn silage: maturity and dry matter, variety, chopping and rolling process, innoculants and preservatives.
All corn silages do not have the same feed value. If a cow's ration includes 25kg or more, every
detail counts. What is the impact on health,
body condition score, components, production, cost of concentrates? This training course will help
you learn more about the benefits, drawbacks and precautionary measures that should be taken into account when using large quantities of corn silage in your rations.

Ready, set, grow!



Your trainers

Valacta’s team of trainers gathers R&D experts, strategic advisors and milk quality specialists.