TestimonyVolume Number February 18, 2020
Jean DurocherM.Sc., D.M.V.

Maric Farm: Using GESTALAB Analysis with Robot Milking Systems

Ferme Maric : L’utilisation des analyses GESTALAB en système de traite robotisée

Appearing on this picture (from left to right): Éric Théberge and his brother Marc, owners of Maric Farm.

More and more, dairy producers are including pregnancy detection using milk samples as a tool for managing reproduction in their herd.

In the last year, more than 95,000 GestaLab analyses were performed by our laboratories: 43,425 GESTALAB analyses for the producers of Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces and 52,184 for Ontario and the Western provinces.

Producers often choose to use the milk recording sample for GestaLab testing, but the circumstances are different for herds with robot milking systems. The «carry-over» of residual milk when taking a milk sample from robot milking systems can have a significant impact: which is not the case with conventional milking.

This is why when using GestaLab analysis in herds that have robot milking systems it is important to use a milk samples that are taken directly from a quarter.

“It’s really not a problem!” says Éric Théberge from Maric Farm, in Albanel, Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean. “We work it out at the milk recording visit with Roger Dufour, our Lactanet technician. If a cow has been declared open, I begin a synchronisation protocol.  We use GESTALAB analysis once a month at the milk recording visit. ”

“Given the size of our herd, it works for us. We also know that, if justified by the number of pregnancy tests, it could be worthwhile to send samples between milk recording visits as well. ” adds Marc Théberge.

Did you know that…

GESTALAB is also available to dairy producers who are not on milk recording.

Ask one of our technicians or contact the Lactanet customer service department (1-800-266-5248) to find out more.

About Maric Farm…

  • Owned by Marc and Éric Théberge
  • Located in Albanel, Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean
  • Herd of 63 Holstein milking cows
  • Free stall with robot milking system
  • Annual Production : 10,500 Kg
  • Calving Interval : 404 days