Quebec Farmers' Advocate Volume 2010Number 5June 15, 2010
Daniel LefebvrePh.D., PAS, Dipl. ACAN, agr.

MILK UREA NITROGEN Optimizing protein in the ration

MILK UREA NITROGEN   Optimizing protein in the ration

Milk Urea Nitrogen or MUN is a good indicator of the efficiency of protein digestion in the ration. A higher MUN means a larger amount of feed protein wasted, and a higher nitrogen excretion through urine. On the other hand, in order to optimize microbial growth, a minimum concentration of ammonia is required in the rumen all day long. In the absence of ammonia, microbes could face a lack of nitrogen, which would deprive the cow of microbial protein. Hence, the optimal MUN concentration should be the lowest concentration which has no negative effect on milk production. A new study confirms the ideal range for milk urea nitrogen.


This article was written in collaboration with René Lacroix, Ph.D., Eng.,  Analyst – Data Value (Business Intelligence), R&D, Valacta.