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A word from Jeff Gunn, Atlantic Regional Manager

September is upon us, and with it comes coolers evenings and meeting season. With the variability of the growing season in Atlantic Canada, it will be interesting to see how corn/grain yields and quality will be. Fall incentive days will also be a topic of conversation as dairy farmers look ahead to plan how they can best optimize production to fill these incentive days. Lactanet offers a production planning program called Plani-Lacta that can help farmers plan for situations like this. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in this program. We also have a spreadsheet that can quickly calculate how many liters you can ship (including 1, 2 & 3 incentive days), based on quota holdings and butter fat content. Ask your Dairy Production Technician for more details. I invite you to review the Atlantic dairy calendar below for important meetings and events in your area – we are moving into a busy time of year. If you have events coming up and want them added to the calendar, please send them along. Best of luck to all farmers as we move into harvest time!

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Atlantic Dairy Industry Central Event Calendar

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Here you will find information on upcoming events happening in the Atlantic dairy industry. Industry organizations identified a need to develop this calendar to effectively eliminate scheduling conflicts, when possible! We hope you find it useful! Keep an eye out for upcoming exciting improvements to this calendar!

If you have events to add, email Jeff Gunn at jgunn@lactanet.ca, Fred Vanderkloet at fsvanderkloet@gov.pe.ca or David Dykstra at david.dykstra@gnb.ca.

This central events calendar uses Google Calendar and therefore, works optimally when accessed using Google Chrome.

When using other Internet browsers such as Edge, Firefox or Internet Explorer to access event details, it is important to note that the event times will systematically be displayed using Universal Coordinated Time (otherwise known as Greenwich Time Zone), as set by Google. Therefore, when using these browsers, please refer to the notice found in the detail of each event, which confirms the time at which the event begins in Atlantic Time.

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