Lactanet's measures against COVID-19

Full On-Farm Services Resume in Canada

Last update: July 22, 2020


Dear Customers,

As you know, the COVID-19 situation has improved over the last few weeks and our full services, including on-farm sample collection and supervision by field staff, are now available to all producers across the country.

For herds enrolled on Publishable/Supervised options, this means that effective Monday, July 27th, we will resume the pre-COVID regular delivery of staff sample collection and supervision service, as well as our usual frequency of service.

Based on public health recommendations, we will continue to provide our employees with the protective equipment necessary for their safety, as well as yours. We will also continue with safety protocols related to on-farm sample collection during milking.

The following best practices will continue:

  • We will visit by appointment only and will confirm in advance that no one at the farm has traveled recently or has any COVID-19 symptoms.

  • We will ask that the number of people present during our visit, and when milking, be minimized and restricted to only those that are necessary.

  • We will ask that all individuals exercise their best efforts to observe a physical distance of at least two (2) meters at all times.

  • We understand that distancing may not always be possible during sample collection, therefore, our employees will wear a mask and glasses/face shield while collecting samples during milking.

  • We know that working side-by-side is one of the risk factors. Since the wearing of a mask (when distancing is not possible) is a strong recommendation from health officials, we will also kindly request that you and your employees also wear a mask during milking/sampling, if distancing is not possible.

Our diligence in precautions and protocols will allow us to continue to provide you with the herd management services you need safely. We thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Despite the progress of COVID-19, we will continue to monitor the situation and follow the direction set by the provincial government. We recognize that we may again be required to temporarily suspend on-farm sample collection services in some regions as the pandemic evolves.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Lactanet Field Staff Representative.


The Lactanet Management Team