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Detecting and monitoring Ketosis in your dairy cows

Ketosis is a metabolic disease common in early lactation, but often difficult to detect. Our KetoLab service can detect an indicator of ketosis directly in your milk recording samples. With no extra effort and at an affordable cost, KetoLab allows you to monitor the incidence of ketosis at the herd level and make any necessary corrections.

The presence of ketosis in a herd is often caused by problems in managing the transition period. In this sense, KetoLab is an effective tool to complement the Transition Cow Index®Call on your Valacta advisor to review your transition management practices and tell you all about recommended courses of action to help prevent ketosis.

Learn more about KETOLAB.


Detecting infectious dairy cattle diseases (Leukosis and Johne's disease)

We offer a milk lab analysis service to support veterinary doctors in the diagnosis of certain bovine diseases such as Johne’s disease and leukosis.


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