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Testing your herd's milk production

The first step before finding solutions is to assess the situation carefully. In order to help you do this, your Valacta advisor relies on your historical milk recording and milk delivery data. Using the Valacta Mobile application, Vision2000 reports and our analysis software, our advisor can evaluate various parameters such as peak milk production, persistence, milk fat and protein tests, and much more.


Assessing factors that impact milk production and composition

Once the analysis is completed, your Valacta advisor will help you explore the probable causes and possible solutions to help you increase production and improve the milk composition for your herd. There are many factors to consider and since everything is interconnected, your Valacta advisor will consider all factors globally: transition management, barn comfort, breeding, heifer rearing, cow health and, of course, feeding.

For feed-related factors, our advisor can evaluate the ration as well as some important parameters such as forage dry matter intake, silage shredding using a PennState particle separator, effective fibre and milk/concentrate ratio.

Depending on the factors involved, your advisor will suggest a course of action with specific solutions that he or she can regularly monitor to help you achieve your objectives.

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