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A team specialized in organic dairy production at your service

Organic dairy producers comply with agri-environmental and animal welfare standards that often go way beyond generally known practices. Our specialized advisors know all requirements of this type of production and offer you a technical support for any regular aspect of your herd management and those more specific to the organic sector, such as: 

  • Personalized pasture management plan
  • Organic milk quality
  • Dairy cow exercise
  • Standards and permitted substances in organic production
  • Ration formulation and feeding cost tracking
  • Forage usage optimization
  • Estimation of the farm's margin

Forage production and organic pasture management

Cow feeding in organic dairy productions must include a great part of forage consumed in pastures. Our unique expertise in organic forage production and pasture management allows you to make the most of this feeding method for your cows. 

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Guidance for your transition from traditional to organic

Are you interested in organic milk production? Turning your traditional dairy farm to organic agriculture requires several changes in your herd and field management practices. We are here to answer all your questions and coach you through all the steps of your transition project toward an organic dairy production. Following your business analysis, your advisor will be able to elaborate a custom plan with you and calculate the costs related to the transition. 

He or she will also help you facilitate the transfer of your cows toward pastures and adapt their rations to complete their new diet, without compromizing on your dairy production. 

To speak to other producers and our experts, and to learn everything about organic production, join the Valacta organic milk community on Facebook.

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