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Robotic milking system start-up planning

You've purchased your robotic milking system and you now need to prepare everything to start on the right foot. There's so much to think about and you don't know where to start and what to focus on.

Our advisors in robotic milking will develop a plan for you that will begin way before your system has arrived. Nothing will be neglected and we will guide you throughout this major change in your work: assessment of your cows and herd for the key success factors in robotic milking: reproduction, transition, SCC, milk production planning, lameness, feed strategies and more. With a proper plan, you stack all the odds in your favour for a good production.


Recommendations on your building plans

A robotic milking project often goes hand in hand with the building or restoration of a barn. Every aspect deserves an enlightened reflection, whether it is the comfort, ergonomics, space or time management.

Feel free to contact us. Our comfort and housing advisors are equipped to help you review your plans and direct you towards the right choices according to your criteria and objectives. 

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Milk sampler rentals and data transmission for milk recording in robotic milking

Milking systems register a great quantity of information at each milking session, but milk recording remains an essential management tool to maximize the return on your investment:

  • Components
  • SCC
  • Cow and bulk tank urea
  • Acetonaemia/BHB
  • Transition Cow Index®
  • And much more!

Our services include sales and rentals of Ori-Collector auto-samplers for milk recording in robotic milking. Ori-Collector samplers are compatible with all automatic milking systems. To make your task easier, your technician will deliver the sampler, program it and collect the system data at each test. Also learn more about the different milk recording options adapted to the needs of robotic milking. 

Buy or rent a sampler

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Dairy production optimization and management in robotic milking

Do you already own one or more milking systems and wish to optimize the system production, while controlling feed costs? Our advisors specialized in robotic milking have all the experience required to help you reach your objectives: 

  • Feed cost analysis and tracking
  • Advice on herd management in robotic milking
  • Herd performance tracking
  • Strategy planning to get your premiums while improving your SCC
  • And much more!

If data is the foundation of a smart herd management, comparison with other similar farms is the key to improvement. By combining your milking system data with your milk recording data, our Performance and Feed - Robot report allows you to take a step back and compare yourself to other herds, for all brands of robotic milking systems.

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