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Feed margin and tracking of concentrate costs

Best rations are those that allow your cows to perform at a low cost. We can help you reduce your production cost by making each dollar spent on your cow feed profitable. Our advisors are equipped to assess the feed margin of your herd and track your concentrate costs on a daily basis. 

If there are opportunities of improvements, the advisor will suggest you possible solutions by analyzing many factors such as the ration formulation, feed bunk management, animal comfort and many others. A little help for a big profit!


How we calculate the feed margin of your dairy cows

We calculate your concentrate costs from the feed you purchase and your milk deliveries. More specifically, we use the information provided on your supplier purchase reports or accounting reports.  

For feed produced on the farm, we use the market value. The milk value is directly collected from our database, if you agreed beforehand to provide your Producteurs de lait du Québec information. Then you will be able to compare yourself to the average of all farms in our system. 

Calculations can be made for the cow and heifer feeding, for a day or for a given period. 


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