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Time management advisory service in dairy productions

It's possible to save time in the barn in order to maintain an interesting quality of life while complying with the profitability requirements of your dairy production. There are various opportunities for improvement, but to determine them, we first need to assess the situation. This is exactly what we can do with you: Analyze the time dedicated to each task associated to your different animal groups in your dairy herd.   

We review your work day and help you optimize the planning of your daily tasks: sequence of operations, labour division between workers, new equipment or adjustments, tool sites, etc.  

At the end of this process, your specialized time management advisor will give you a detailed report that compares your results with those of similar farms and will help you explore possible solutions adapted to your situation. He or she will also explore possible solutions with you adapted to your situation. 


Efficiency Express option for a quick overview of your time management

Not yet ready to invest in a detailed assessment, but still want to have a quick overview of your current situation on the farm? The Efficiency Express option offered by our technicians and advisors only requires 20 minutes of your time. An excellent start to target opportunities to improve your time management in the barn, reduce your labour and production costs and, more importantly, to use your time for what really matters to you.  

The Efficiency Express option also allows to collect the necessary information to assess your potential gains by improving your time management.  

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