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Analysing potential gains to increase the profitability of your dairy farm

To help you find the best technical and economic improvement opportunities for your dairy farm, our advisors offer you the Potential Gain analysis services.

This exercise allows you to step back and look at your dairy farm globally and determine the potential for improvements that best combine with your goals. With your advisor, you can define the annual objectives specific to your farm and establish a specific course of action to achieve them. The objectives are linked to performance indicators and everything is entered in the tool to facilitate continuous monitoring of your results. Your advisor will closely monitor the situation and may adjust the plan, as necessary.


Analyzing your milk production management in 7 key sectors

Potential Gains is an online application connected directly to your farm's technical and economic data from the​​​​​​ Vision2000 database. Data is continuously updated from milk recording and analyses for payment of milk by PLQ (with your consent). The tool translates your data into dollars and compares the results of your herd to the performance of other Quebec dairy farms who rank at percentiles 50, 75 and 90.

7 technical areas of production are evaluated as part of our analysis:


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