Volume Number May 15, 2020

GESTALAB: pregnancy detection in milk

GESTALAB: détecter la gestation dans le lait

When it’s time to assess whether or not your cow is pregnant, you need accurate information; and the sooner, the better!

Our GESTALAB test can detect pregnancy as early as 26 days, post breeding, through milk analysis. An optimal reproductive strategy aims to reduce the number of days your cows are open and the accuracy and simplicity of GESTALAB will help you reach this objective.

GESTALAB is available to all dairy producers. The test can be done using milk recording samples or at any time between milk recording tests.

Collecting samples

There are two possible options:

  1. GESTALAB with a milk recording sample: by applying the recommended sampling procedure. For herds that use milking robots, testing must be performed on a sample taken directly from the quarter.

  2. GESTALAB with a sample taken directly from the quarter

    Perfect for all producers:

    √ Registered on milk recording who want to test between milk  ontrols, who want to add a cow on milk recording with a different pick-up date or who use milking robots.

    √ Not registered on milk recording.

Shipping samples

You can choose to send us your samples using either envelopes or milk recording sample boxes:

Envelopes    Milk recording sample boxes
Preferred format when testing less than 10 cows because shipping costs are lower;Preferred format when testing 10 cows or more. To proceed, make sure the bottle is at least half-full.


You then have the choice to send us the samples using one of the following methods:

  • Through your Lactanet technician: by following our non-contact procedure set up in a collective effort to fight the Covid-19.
  • Through the Ciaq’s network of inseminators: the availability of the service may vary depending on the region and the social distancing measures put in place by the Ciaq management team.
  • Through mail or carriers such as DICOM, for example:
    • by using Xpresspost service from Canada Post;
    • by using envelopes or boxes with prepaid postage from Lactanet;
    • by going to the post office or the carrier's office, although this approach should not be favoured as long as social distancing measures remain in place.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service department to learn more about our GESTALAB service.

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