Herd management reportsVolume Number December 28, 2015

Ketolab - subclinical ketosis screening

Rapport Cétolab - dépistage de l'acétonémie subclinique

Ketolab allows the measurement of the insidence of ketosis in cows by measuring the concentration of BHB in milk recording samples. The Ketolab report presents the list of cows tested at 90 days or less in lactation on the day of the test, in three sections: Positive, Suspicious, Negative, based on the level of BHB reported. Two graphs provide an overview of the BHB analysis results: 1. on the first test and 2. For the tests of the last 90 days. Ketolab is a convenient tool for monitoring the incidence of ketosis in the herd to better prevent it. In addition, it is the ideal complement to the Transition Cow Index®, which gives an overall score to the performance of each cow during the critical dry-off and transition period.