Volume Number April 2, 2020
Débora SantschiPh.D., Agr.

PROFILab : Your Cow’s Milk is Trying to Tell You Something

PROFILab : le profil en acides gras du lait

This new analysis is available to Quebec dairy producers.

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« Ahhh if only cows could talk and tell us what is wrong! »  Well, believe it or not, we're getting there! While the basic milk components already provide a lot of information to help us to optimize the rations that our cows eat, the milk fatty acid profile can clarify a lot about herd rumen health.  The interpretation of PROFILab analysis can help you to better adjust rations and feed management practices in your herd.

What is PROFILab?

PROFILab is what we discover when we take a more in depth look at the « fat » component of milk, and listen to what your cows are telling us.

Each of the four groups of fatty acids can tell us something different:

  • De novo: these fatty acids are made in the mammary gland. They are indicators of good rumen health. We want these to be high!
  • Mixed: These can be made in the mammary gland, but they can also come from the diet. They usually follow the de novo or preformed fatty acids, except when palm oil based feeds are fed, in which case they go up to the detriment of the other groups.
  • Preformed: as their name implies, they are already formed before they get to the milk. Therefore, either the cow eats them, or they come from the mobilization of fat reserves. Are the preformed high? There might have been a change in feeds or feed intake,  or the cows might be losing weight.
  • Polyunsaturated: is the form in which fatty acids are found in forages and concentrates. The cow transforms them in the rumen. Therefore, if levels are high in the milk, it suggests that cows are eating a lot (for example: going out to pasture) or that there is a problem in the rumen (example: acidosis)

ProfiLab, is also…

  • The analysis of four groups of fatty acids on your bulk tank milk every 2 days ;
  • An interactive report accessible through your secure « My Site » zone where you can visualize your herd data and breed comparisons;
  • A new way to visualize your bulk tank components at a glance while letting you look back in time up to April 1st, 2019.

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Want to know more?

To get the most out of your PROFILab analysis, talk to your Lactanet advisor or send an email to profilab@lactanet.ca.


PARTENARIAT CANADIEN pour l'AGRICULTUREThis project is funded through the Innov'Action agri-food program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, as part of an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.