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conseil d'adminstration 10 avril 20181


From left to right:

Mr. Daniel Lefebvre, Ph. D., Agr., General Manager and R&D Manager, Valacta;

Mr. Gabriel Belzile, Dairy Producer from Saint-Clément, Bas-Saint-Laurent, representing the Quebec Dairy Producers (PLQ);

Mr. Denis Cyr, Dairy Producer from New Brunswick, representing the Atlantic provinces;

Mr. Yvon Boucher, Dairy Producer from Saint-Césaire, Montérégie, representing the Quebec Dairy Producers (PLQ);

Ms. Barbara Paquet, Dairy Producer from Saint-Côme-Linière, Beauce, representing the Ciaq ;

Mr. Richard Bouchard, Dairy Producer from Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix, representing the Quebec Dairy Producers (PLQ);

Mr. Pierre Lampron, Chair, Organic Dairy Producer from Saint-Boniface, Mauricie, representing the Quebec Dairy Producers (PLQ);

Dr. Roger Cue, Ph. D., Vice-chair, Associate Professor, McGill University;

Mr. Renald Dumas, Dairy Producer from Inverness, Centre-du-Québec, representing the CQRL;

Mr. Doris Pellerin, Agr., Professor, Laval University;

Ms. Stéphanie Roy,  Analyst, Dairy Sector, MAPAQ, Observer;

Absent from the picture :

Mr. François Brien, Dairy Producer from Saint-Roch-Ouest, Lanaudière, representing VIA Pôle d’expertise en services-conseils agricoles; 

Ms. Annik Perron, Board Secretary and National Director of Communications, Lactanet; 

Dr. Kevin wade, Ph. D., Associate Professor, McGill University; 

Mr. Laval poulin, representing MAPAQ

Mr. Jocelyn Dubuc, D.M.V., Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Université de Montréal;

Ms. MARY ANN TRUEMAN, Dairy producer from New Brunswick, Observer for the Atlantic provinces.