Élaine Cloutier

Agr. Assistant director of training and knowledge transfer
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For Elaine, training and development is a true passion! She joined PATLQ (Valacta) in 1989 and has been Assistant Director of R&D - Training and Knowledge Transfer since 2010. With a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Science - Animal Science, Elaine continued her training, among other things, by obtaining a D.E.E.E.S. in training management. Her academic background clearly demonstrates her interest in the agri-food sector as a whole - from the pitchfork to the fork, to the person who handles it! Elaine has significant experience in project management and knows how to apply her agronomic, organizational and relational skills. She is committed to developing a company's human capital through new technological approaches in learning (technology-enhanced learning).

Contact informationEmail:mailto:ecloutier@valacta.comPhone (office):514-459-3030ext.7849Toll free:1-800-266-5248ext.7849Cell:514-781-2480Service :Research & development