Jean-Philippe Laroche

M. Sc., Agr.Nutrition and Forage Professional
Jean-Philippe Laroche, agr.
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Jean-Philippe joined the Innovation and Development team in 2020 as a Nutrition and Forage Professional. Having grown up on a dairy farm, he has long been interested in cows and what they eat! Maximizing the use of forages by ruminants is a subject he is particularly passionate about. He graduated in agronomy from Université Laval in 2018 and has also completed his Master's degree in animal sciences, during which he received several distinctions. A member of l'Ordre des agronomes du Québec, Jean-Philippe is known for his popularizing skills and his interest in numbers ($) makes his work with producers very relevant.  During his career, he has been involved in various applied research projects related to dairy cattle nutrition and forage plant production.

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