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Goat and sheep milk recording: an essential management tool

Valacta's milk recording allows you to assess the productivity of each goat by analyzing the milk components in our laboratory. Our service is, above all, a management tool to plan the reproduction, culling, births and feeding of your dairy goats and sheep. When used wisely, milk recording is an essential tool to increase your milk production and your milk sales profits.

We also check your milking system and methods, whether it is the usage, set up or position of your milking machine, or the way you handle the teats.


Housing and environment of the dairy goats and sheep

We can assess your goat housing, your procedures and your buildings to ensure optimal breeding conditions. Among others, temperature, space, comfort, humidity and lighting are evaluated to favour an optimal production.  

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Feeding and reproduction of the dairy goats and sheep

Since goats are very different from dairy cows, your advisors will help you optimize your breeding methods using feed, genetic management, selection and growth monitoring specific to this type of production. 

We help you build rations adapted to each goat herd. A balanced diet will give you great results in both the dairy production and milk components, thus allowing you to make your production profitable. 

Regarding your goat reproduction, we develop, among other things, a photoperiod strategy to ensure well-spread birth periods throughout the year. Your advisor will help you select the mothers and monitor the kids' growth with the aim to reach your herd size goals.

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