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Animal welfare assessment

When the housing does not entirely meet the needs of the dairy cow, the animal will develop typical behaviours or present signs that we must be able to recognize. For example, a cow comfort problem can be detected by looking at indicators such as injuries, quality of the cow’s lifts and sets (or rests), body condition and lameness.

Want to know if your cows are showing signs of discomfort? We can evaluate the different well-being parameters of your herd and help you identify the causes and direct you towards the appropriate solutions.

A wide range of elements related to animal well-being are also observed:

  • Calves' general condition
  • Space
  • Movements
  • Behaviours
  • Quality of the resting surface
  • Temperature
  • Ventilation
  • Hygiene

We explore simple, affordable and practical solutions with you.


Agronomic assessment of barn plans

Our team of experienced advisors can help you set up calf and heifer housing and plan the housing configuration for your dairy cows:

  • Free stall milking parlour
  • Free stall robotic milking
  • Tie stall
  • Straw bedded area
  • Compost bedded area
  • Exercise pens
  • Nursery
  • Housing of replacement subjects

We work as a multidisciplinary team with all the stakeholders who are involved with your farm. We can also analyze the expansion plan of the current housing facilities of your cows and replacement animals (heifers).

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