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Tools to manage the transition period of your cows

To assess the situation and identify transition problems, it is important to analyze the information available and evaluate the progress of your herd's results over time. Milk recording collects a wide range of information that can become useful management tools, such as the Transition Cow Index® and KetoLab. Call on our advisors to make the most of the reports that are at your disposal.

Transition Cow Index®

The Transition Cow Index® provides a quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of your management program during the dry-off period and in early lactation. The result is expressed as the difference between the projected production value at the first control and the predicted average based on a dozen historical parameters specific to each cow. Valacta has all the information needed to calculate the Transition Cow Index® of each cow, for herds that are on milk recording.

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This service allows you to evaluate the prevalence of ketosis in your herd, a disease that often appears during the transition period. With no extra effort on your part, this laboratory analysis can measure ketones in milk and the results are included in your milk recording reports and in the Valacta Mobile application.

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Comfort and less stress for dry and transition cows

To optimize the chances of success, it is essential to prepare your cows adequately for dry-off while maximizing their comfort and keeping stress to a minimum. An uncomfortable or stressed cow will eat less, develop health problems and, ultimately, produce less milk. What are the golden rules of comfort for dry cows? What are the stress factors and how can they be minimized? Our advisors have the expertise to help you identify problems and find solutions to improve your transition management practices.

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Feeding your dry and transition cows

The composition of the ration also plays an important role during the transition period. Our advisors can customize rations to fit the needs of your dry cows to ensure proper preparation for future production.

Our laboratory analyses also allow us to check the composition of forages for rations well adapted to your dry cows.

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Duration of the dry-off period

Although the 60-day dry-off has been used for decades, studies have shown that reducing the dry-off period for high producing cows can have beneficial effects, particularly on health and reproduction. Furthermore, it is also possible to obtain additional milk at the end of lactation without negative impact on future production. Don't hesitate to call on our advisors to provide you with the right tools and guide you through the optimal dry-off stages.

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