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Milk recording of your herd with Valacta

As a dairy production centre of expertise, we ensure that each milk recording test provides you with quality information that is useful for managing your herd. In 48 hours or less, your data reports are available online, on your Valacta intranet account and on the mobile application. With your agreement, your key stakeholders on the farm can also access your herd data.

Whichever option you choose, your technician can support you through every step of the milk recording process, from collecting samples to entering your herd data and watching your critical reports. Nothing better than an outside look to highlight a situation that requires your attention. You can also call upon our technicians for various complementary services such as the registration of your animals or the preparation of personalized barn cards.


Option 1: Milk recording for publications and herd management

In addition to all the advantages of milk recording for herd management, this option allows you to qualify for publishable lactation and genetic evaluations. In addition, it makes you eligible for the various recognitions by Valacta, breed associations and other dairy organizations.

Different formats are available to you in accordance with national industry standards:

  • Supervised milking 2 or 3 times (all milkings)
  • Testing in the morning/afternoon (1 milking out of 2)
  • Alternate testing (every other test)

Depending on the case, the frequency can vary between 8 and 12 tests per year.


Option 2: Milk recording for herd management 

This option aims first to provide you with data and information essential to the management of your herd. By meeting certain criteria, the information may also qualify for genetic evaluations and Herd Management Score (HMS) publication. You can choose the frequency of the tests according to your needs. Your technician will come to the farm to take information from the herd and collect milk samples. They can also support you in collecting samples during milking.

For robotic milking systems, it is possible to test without samples, which allows you to benefit from several of our reports for herd management, including the Transition Cow Index®.

Milk sample testing for farms not on milk recording (LABSERVICE or Special analyses)

Whether or not you are on milk recording, you can submit one or more milk samples at any time for one or more analyses in our laboratories. LabService allows you a punctual and completely autonomous milk control for the collection of your samples and sending them by mail service. If you do not have the required collection equipment, we can rent or sell you milk meters.


Option 3: Milk recording for computerized and robotic milking systems

Many farms equipped with computerized milking systems, including milking robots, are able to collect data at every milking. Some of this information can be transfered to the Valacta database. To do this, our technicians use the Ori-Automate software, compatible with most milking systems. In addition to minimizing manual data entry, this system ensures data validation by the technician.

Have you just installed a new milking software and want to avoid the tedious task of manually transferring your current data? We get it! We can offer you a simple solution by providing you with a file with all your herd data which you can transfer directly to your new system. A cost-effective solution that will save you precious time.