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Herd management reports

Vision2000 reports

The Vision2000 system allows to quickly process and centralize the dairy data of each cow in Canada and allows us to produce online management reports available to you within 48 hours of your milk test.

The reports cover every aspect of the herd management:

Interactive reports

We will gradually integrate new interactive reports using IBM's Cognos technology. These types of reports allow the user to access and view data in different formats, to sort the information over time, to generate animal lists and to generate comparative analyses (benchmarks), among other things. This report is a data file that can be opened on a computer, tablet or phone and does not require an active Internet connection.


Valacta Mobile application

Access your milk recording data from anywhere at anytime thanks to the Valacta Mobile application. Simple, convenient and user-friendly, the application offers you all basic information of a milk recording test and the results of the last 15 months. 

To activate the access option to your dairy herd and cow data, simply ask your Valacta technician or contact us.

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Ori-Automate software to transfer data

The Ori-Automate software allows data sharing between the automated milking system software on the farm and our Vision2000 milk recording database. 

By limiting manual data entry, the software gives you several benefits, for example when you set up an automated system, change a milking software or transfer your milk recording data on test day.  

Moreover, the software allows you to collect valued milk recording information in your milking software, such as the milk components and SCC. You thus get even more information to help you manage your herd!   

Here are some examples of data you could transfer thanks to Ori-Automate: 

  • Milk weight at each milking session, date or hour
  • Animals' in and out dates
  • Various herd management events, such as:
    • calvings
    • dry offs
    • heats
    • etc.

Learn more about Ori-Automate

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Lac-T and Lac-T Mobile software

Lac-T is a herd management software offered by Lactologic, a company composed of Siga Farm Software, DSAHR and Valacta. This user-friendly software designed for producers and contributors allows a unique data entry and exchanges between all contributors in the sector. The Lac-T Mobile application allows dairy producers to enter more quickly and easily their herd data.  

Learn more about Lac-T and Lac-T Mobile

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Online Growth Monitoring Tool

Our free Online Growth Monitoring Tool allows Quebec's dairy producers and contributors to monitor the heifer's growth and foresee the best moment of service.  

  • Heifer measurement
  • Overview and analysis of the growth curves specific to the breed
  • Growth forecast
  • Forecast of the best moment of service

Watch the video tutorial (French only)Use the tool in the extranet