The Evolution of Lactanet Atlantic Dairy ProductionVolume 2010Number May 15, 2011

2010 The evolution of Valacta Atlantic dairy production

L'évolution de la production laitière en Atlantique 2010

Synergy is a winning recipe for any dairy farm. 
So many models exist! From the traditional farm to the one equipped with automated milking systems, from organic to experienced breeders, from seasoned business partners to dynamic young people, everything is possible! Your passion for cows and dairy production transcends all these models. Passing on the knowledge to nurture your passion is what motivates us at Valacta! 

Since we do not work alone, this edition of The Evolution of Valacta Atlantic Dairy Production tells the story of our innovative and successful partnerships. You will find articles and statistics that show all the benefits of a good synergy between partners who work together to find sustainable and creative solutions for the prosperity of our industry.

We hope you will enjoy this edition!