The Evolution of Lactanet Atlantic Dairy ProductionVolume 2011Number May 15, 2012

2011 The evolution of Valacta Atlantic dairy production

L'évolution de la production laitière en Atlantique 2011

The evolution of dairy production in Atlantic and across Canada is the best proof that we are adopting innovation. This edition of our annual publication features articles from our experts and partners on topics of interest to the entire sector.

The numbers speak for themselves... Dairy producers who have dared to adopt innovations or integrate them into their work routine are showing positive and encouraging results, which in itself is good news for the sector. It is also what motivates us and what makes us double our efforts in the field.  

Thank you to the great Valacta team who are so actively involved in the future of our sector. As much as we are proud of our customers, we are proud of the commitment of our employees. They adopt the innovations before passing them on to you since they are our first carriers.

We hope you will enjoy this edition!