The Evolution of Lactanet Atlantic Dairy ProductionVolume 2012Number May 15, 2013

2012 The evolution of Valacta Atlantic dairy production

L'évolution de la production laitière en Atlantique 2012

The orientation provided by our Board of Directors is to meet the specific needs of producers, regardless of the size of their herds, the technology they use or their management style. In order to enrich the service offer, it was first necessary to multiply the expertise of our staff, both at our head office as well as in the field. All are encouraged to work with other stakeholders for the benefit of clients and teamwork is valued. We are therefore very proud to see the impact of our expertise on your performances. It is for all of us at Valacta, the greatest motivation.

Through the articles, statistics and interviews in this edition of The Evolution of Valacta Atlantic Dairy Production, you will be able to see specific examples of producers who, like you, benefit from this expertise. 
We hope you will enjoy this edition!