The Evolution of Lactanet Atlantic Dairy ProductionVolume 2015Number May 15, 2016

2015 The evolution of Valacta Atlantic dairy production

L'évolution de la production laitière en Atlantique 2015

This special edition of The Evolution of Valacta Atlantic Dairy Production highlights Valacta's 50 years of involvement with dairy producers. 

Our expertise has been built through the collection and analysis of data on dairy herds, but also through the involvement and passion of our employees and managers. Whether by developing high-performance tools, training and support for producers, our efforts are aimed first and foremost, at promoting the profitability of dairy farms and the development of the sector.  We are here For you and with you.

This edition of our annual report offers you all the industry statistics, a number of articles on key topics and an interview with one of this year's top 5 herds: Sunny Point Farms from Nova Scotia.  We hope you will enjoy this edition!